United We Dance NWA’s Pandemic Update & Future Wishlist

This year has been a first for many of us. Personally, its been 9 months since I have sat in a restaurant, movie theatre, or any public event for that matter. One thing this pandemic has done for us, is that it has allowed us to spend more time with family and those we love. I have experienced several new milestones with seeing my daughter (1) crawl, walk, and begin talking. My son (4) has began to write his name, express his feelings, and talk about how his day went at school. Overall, that is at least one positive thing that has happened so far in this crazy year.

Sadly, we were unable to do a dance this year due to COVID risks. While we absolutely hate not having one, the benefits outweigh the risks. We have began talking about ways to improve the dance. This year it occurred to us that we could save quite a bit of money by purchasing a trailer. We have such a collection of decorations from all of our themed dances that we had to rent out a storage unit a few years ago. The trailer would allow us to not only remove the ongoing cost of storage; but, would serve as a great place for a mobile billboard. The trailer will cost around $6,000 dollars. Our goal is to raise the funds to 100% before we make any purchases. Hopefully, we can rally some businesses together to get this purchased. After purchasing we would love to help share our sponsors logo prominently on it . If you know of any business looking to help sponsor and would love to be part of this awesome purchase with us, please let us know by checking out our Sponsor Page or filling in the below form!

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Donation Total: $1,000.00

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