United We Dance NWA is a 501c(3) organization and we are able to provide you with a receipt for your donation.

Why Sponsor Us?

Did you know that United We Dance NWA is one of the few non-profits in the area that specializes in social and community inclusive events? All events are free of charge and every dollar raised goes directly back into putting these events together. With your donation today, we can help transform our community for the better.

  • Non-Profit Tax┬áReceipt
  • Social Media Shoutout
  • Year End Social Media Post
  • Red Carpet Billboard
  • Five Volunteer T-Shirts
  • Ability to include swag at event
  • Fourth-tier logo on site
  • Sponsor Info Table at formal dance
  • Logo Added To Yearly Volunteer┬áT-Shirt
  • Third-tier logo size on site
  • Logo Placed On All Event Flyers For The Year
  • Sponsor Info Table at formal dance
  • A table named after the sponsor at formal dance
  • Second-tier logo size on site
  • Promo Giveaway – Creative Promo During A Dance That Highlights Sponsor
  • Logo Placed on Dance Trailer
  • Logo on T-Shirt
  • Top-tier log size on website

**Each tier’s perks includes both the perks of all tiers below that sponsorship level and the items listed in that tier’s perks

We are now accepting HOGE donations. Our ERC20 Wallet is:


Current Sponsors

Champion Sponsors – $10,000+

Delegate Sponsors – $5,000+

Elizabether Richardson Center

Advocate Sponsors – $2,500+

Givecamp NWA Logo

Leader Sponsors – $1,000+

Partner Sponsors – $500+

Canva Logo
Sams Club Logo