Night to Shine

We often get asked if we are that Night to Shine dance. So we figured, why not talk about it. First and foremost, we are not. Night to Shine was started by Tim Tebow. The event is a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge those with developmental disabilities of all ages. This event has tons of support and funding nationally and is quite the experience overall. Here in Northwest Arkansas it is hosted by Cross Church Springdale. This event is also held once a year.

So how do we differ? We host several dances every year and our dances are sponsored by a few local businesses and around 20 volunteers. All of our events are focused for adults in the community. We also strive to be a community inclusive dance. This means anyone with or without a developmental disability is encouraged to come. One of the things that we like about this is that we don’t single out an individual do to their developmental disability.

Either way, if you are looking for an amazing event, Northwest Arkansas has you covered!

Written by: unitedwedancenwa

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