Do I need to RSVP to attend the next dance?

There is no RSVP needed for any United We Dance NWA event. We welcome all!

Can children come to United We Dance NWA events?

While we are geared towards adults, children are welcome to attend with a chaperone.

How much does the dance cost to attend?

There is no cost to our attendees! Thanks to our wonderful sponsors we are able to provide this event free to the public.

Will there be food provided at the dances?

We provide food at two of our major events. United We Dance NWA provides fresh fruit at the Hawaiian Dance and a fall themed banquet at the October Fall Formal event.

What should I wear at the dance?

We want our guests to be comfortable. Please wear appropriate fitted clothing that you can dance in.

What do you offer for individuals with sensitivities to sight and sound.

To offer the safest and most comfortable atmosphere for all atendees, we do not use any strobe lighting at our dances. We encourage any of our participants with a sensitivity to loud music or noises to bring ear plugs. We also offer a quiet environment to congregate in if you find yourself overwhelmed.

How much of every dollar donated goes back into United We Dance NWA?

Every donation goes directly toward our events. We use the money for food, decorations, venue rental, equipment, and more. United We Dance NWA is 100% ran by volunteers. There is no paid staff for these events. Every dollar donated goes right back into our events for the community.

Why is disability inclusion important?

Community Inclusion is about creating opportunities for increased presence and participation in the community for all individuals. Community Inclusion demands that we encourage everyone to expect nothing less than that which individuals living without disability look forward to in their lives. It is with Community Inclusion in mind that we remove any barriers or obstacles that may prevent someone from feeling welcomed to our dance.

Why is there law enforcement at the event?

We are happy and honored to have the presence of the police at our dances. The Fayetteville Police Dept, as part of their community outreach, has partnered with UWD to provide an officer at the dances for our safety and building community relationships with our participants and the police. We wanted to help build relationships and connections so that individuals with developmental disabilities in our community could have a positive experience with law enforcement. We have a wonderful police force in Northwest Arkansas that embraces Community Policing and we value the opportunity to provide positive interactions with our dance participants.