Make a Difference with Us!

United We Dance NWA is completely run by our dedicated team of volunteers and we could not provide the high-level, quality of dance without them. We are constantly looking for new volunteers to assist in whatever capacity they can. Our United We Dance NWA team currently has excellent volunteers that help in the following areas:

  • DJ/Music – Curates music and ensures a fun environment
  • Dance Leaders – Loves dancing and encouraging others to participate
  • Setup and Disassembly – Prepares for dances and cleans up afterwards
  • NWA’s Finest – Off-duty law enforcement who help build connections within the community
  • Registration – Helps sign people in and provides name tags
  • Food and Beverage – Preps and serve all food and drinks
  • Floor Team – Helps provide a safe dancing environment
  • Photography – Takes pictures at community events
  • Artistic Jewelry Curator – Creates hand-made jewelry for formal dance participants
United We Dance Hawaiian Luau dance party

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Our Superheroes

Lee Slusarek
D.J. Volunteer
Corporal Dawson
Fayettevilles Finest
Taylor Taylor
Security Assistant
Linda Rathell
Photography & Dance
Tim Rathell
Photography & Dance
Amanda Canady
Floor & Registration
Jennifer Smith
Devona Hughes
Naomi Baird
Linnea Heintz
Registration & Dance
Daniel Tennyson
Setup & Disassembly
Jermaine Jackson
Food & Beverage
Jason Jones
Food & Beverage
DaiSean Smith
Food & Beverage
Carl Xaysanasy
Food & Beverage
Syard Evans
Food & Beverage
Stevie Chizmar
Food & Beverage
Emory Brewer
Food & Beverage
Joe Elliott
Food & Beverage
Kasie Dawson
Dance Team
Garrett Vaught
Dance Team
Kenzie Creek
Dance Team
Shuree Jackson
Dance Leader