A Celebration For Heroes

United We Dance NWA began because we wanted to see a more inclusive community. We have been blessed to continue to live out our mission every day. This past summer, NWA Adopt-A-Cop, a small group of individuals wanted to do a big thing. They wanted to provide a thank you basket for all law enforcement workers. This included police officers, detention workers, dispatchers, etc. This was not an easy task. Thanks to the community’s generous support over 1,700 baskets have been given out.

Normally, I would be dead tired after an event that size to do anything else…. Well it doesn’t stop there. Our friends at NWA Adopt-A-Cop (Non-Profit Pending), is looking to throw an amazing event that honors our local Officers. These local heroes work tirelessly every day to make sure our community is safe. We wanted to step up and help as well. If you would like to contribute to NWA Adopt-A-Cop’s year end event, we would be more than happy to donate any funds we receive towards the campaign. Just notate on any donation or check, NWA Adopt-A-Cop Year End Bash. We will work with all of our existing and new partners to ensure this event is ran smoothly and safely.

Be sure to also check out their website and Facebook page!

Written by: unitedwedancenwa

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