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Who is United We Dance NWA?

At United We Dance NWA, we’re passionate in throwing amazing community inclusive events for adults. Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, all our dances throughout the year are free to attendees. We have a few special themed dances throughout the year including: Hawaiian Luau, Razorback Red, and our smash-hit the Fall Formal. Although the dances are themed and you’re free to dress to fit the theme, there is no requirement to take part in themed attire. Our team at United We Dance NWA emphasizes that as long as you’re comfortable, having fun, and within the dress code, you’re welcome at our events.

Our dances are completely run by our team of dedicated volunteers and we’re constantly looking for people who can share their talents and passions with us!

Every sponsor dollar goes directly towards funding our all-inclusive community events. From individuals to businesses no matter the size, you can make a big difference today!

Thanks for coming to visit our site. If you have questions or want to learn more about what we do, please reach out to us! We would love to connect with you!